When you’re preparing to visit Thailand, you should be aware of the issues relating to living space, banking, internet access, and food. We’ve already discussed those subjects on this site and provided links to those posts.

Today, we will discuss the subject of Thai food delivery services: Grab and Foodpanda.

Although there are the best deals available on both Grab and foodpanda, as a foreigner you should know the difference of Grab and foodpanda services in Thailand.

Grab vs foodpanda : The Main Difference


All of Grab’s services are available through one app: food delivery, transportation, home services, and mobile recharging, among others.


Foodpanda only provides food delivery via its application.

Now you see that Grab provides all in one service in its application and you still need Grab app for transportation even you don’t want to use Grab for food delivery option.

Food Menu

All restaurants provide food menu and best deals on both Grab and foodpanda. Grab food menus are written in Thai, which makes them difficult to read for foreigners like us. Grab’s food menu cannot be changed to English.

Foodpanda provides food menus with English language and it is easy to read and access the menus.

Food Ordering Time

According to our experience, Grab food is faster than foodpanda. In Grab, you can skip the token number in front of you by making priority payment ( may be 15 baht extra ) if you want your meal faster than others. That’s insane. This mean that if you can afford extra money, anything is possible.

Unfortunately, you cannot skip food ordering tokens in foodpanda and you must wait for the others’ tokens to finish.

When it rains in Bangkok, the roads become flooded and foodpanda and Grab are late.

Payment System

Both Grab and foodpana accepts the payment via debit/credit cards and cash on delivery method.


Grab’s unlimited plan starts from 12baht per year and it is really crazy. You can use this deals on both food delivery, home services and transportation.

Foodpanda offers foodpanda pro package and starts from 19baht per month and a bit expensive than Grab.

Foodpanda is beaten by Grab in this comparison because Grab’s package can be used in multiple ways: food delivery, express, home services, and transportation.


We prefer foodpanda and Grab apps for different purposes and specials. Foodpanda and other delivery apps like Grab and Lineman provide significant discounts from time to time. Since you’re a foodie, you’ll want to install both Grab and foodpanda.

However, if you don’t know Thai, you’ll prefer foodpanda since it supports English in menus, whereas Grab does not.


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