If you are traveling to Thailand with tourist visa, you can stay up to 2 months ( 60 days ) in Thailand. But if you have plan to stay more than 60 days, you need to extend your tourist visa in Thailand.

You can extend tourist visa to 30 days or 45 days depending on your mother country and it will only cost 1900 baht. You need to extend your Visa application before it expires. If you extend after your Visa expired, you need to pay additional fine and is not sure to approve to extend your tourist Visa.

Preparing Necessary Documents to Extend Tourist Visa in Thailand

  1. Copy of Your Passport ( Main Page + Visa Stamp Page )
  2. Copy of TM 30 ( You can request from your condo owner/apartment/hotel )
  3. Passport Photo ( 3.5cm x 4.5cm size with white background )
  4. 1900 baht
  5. TM 7 Form

You can prepare necessary documents from number 1 to 4 from your home. Number 5 is TM7 form and you can request TM7 form at information center/counter at Government Complex Building. You will see IMMIGRATION DIVISION 1 room. Look the following picture.

Government Complex Building B, Immigration Division 1

Go to Government Complex Building (B) and you will see information center/counter in the building. Then you must request TM 7 form and fill the information in the form.

You need to attach your passport photo in the TM7 form. If you completed the TM7 form, enter the division 1 room. Then, take the token and wait for your token number calling from the digital board. You just need to wait and watch the digital board to call your number.

When the digital board is showing your token number, you just need to enter the room showing in digital board.

The officer will take your documents and you need to sign every page. The officer will take your photo and you have to pay 1900 baht.

Then, the officer will tell you to sit back at counter and wait for about a few minutes. When your documents are ready, the officer’s assistant will call your name and give your passport. You will see the extension date in your passport.

This is the complete guide for extending tourist visa in Thailand. If my post is helpful for you, you can share my post link to social media to inform the visitors who need to extend tourist visa in Thailand.


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