If you are travelling and plan to live in Thailand for long term purpose, staying in hotel can’t save your budget. Renting a condo, apartment, or townhouse can save your budget.

When I arrived to Thailand, I rent a service apartment for one month as temporary and I visited over Bangkok and got some experience in living place renting.

In this post, I share about how to rent a condo, apartment and townhouse in Thailand. Before your find a place to live, you need know the following facilities, prices and some tricks.

Condos in Thailand

Most of modern Condos ( Finished after 2015 and later ) are narrow but good facilities. The old condos ( Finished before 2015 ) has larger space and still good facilities.

Normally newly modern condo has two options : 1 bed room and 2 bed rooms. One bed room space size condo are normally 30 sqm to 35 sqm. Two bed rooms space condo are normally 35 sqm to 48 sqm.

Modern condo buildings design are minimilist and narrow. The old condo building room are larger than modern condo building and estimate room space is about 44 sqm to 110 sqm.

Both modern condo and old condo already provide swimming pool, gym, microwave, refrigerator, dining table, chairs, sofa, TV, and kitchen appliances.

Condo in Bangkok

Newly modern condos with narrow space are more expensive than the old condos with larger space.

Normally electricity and water unit billing rate in condos are same as Government rate.


Apartments are like as hotel room and normally there is no additional entertainment facilities provided in apartment such as swimming pool, gym, garden and work space. But some service apartments provide good facilities like as condo.

Service Apartment in Bangkok

But the main important thing you need to know to rent an apartment is electricity and water billing rate. Apartment rooms are owned by single person and the electiricty and water billing rates are higher than Government price. Because the owner has the right to set the custom electricity and water bill rate to tenant.

So before renting an apartment, you need to ask the electricity, water and common fees rate. Normally apartment rate are cheaper than condo renting price.


If you came to Thailand with family or friends, townhouse is very suitable for you instead of renting condos or apartment. Although townhouse pricing are same as condo price, townhouse are 3x to 5x larger than condo room space.

But you can’t expect rich facilities like condo. Swimming pool, gym room, and other entertainment features are not include in townhouse.

Townhouse in Bangkok

Now you know about the difference of room space size and facilities of condo, apartment and townhouse and so you can decide the room you would like to rent in Thailand.

Condo, apartment and townhouse prices are based on the following conditions.

  • Distance between train station and your place
  • Main road, street and alley
  • Nearby supermarkets, bazaar
  • District and sub district

Bangkok is the highest condo rental price in Thailand and normally one bed room space condo price starts from 10000 baht and two bed rooms starts from 17000 baht.

Apartment price starts from 6000 baht to 10000 baht for one bed room. Two bed rooms size aparment is about 9000 baht to 15000 baht.

Townhouse rental price starts from 10000 baht in Thailand. But if you are plan to live in Bangkok, estimated townhouse price starts from 25000 baht.

If you know about the basic price of living space rental fees in Thailand and now you can decide the right one based on your budget.


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