If you are planning to drive motorbike or car in Thailand, you must apply driving license in Thailand. You can directly apply driving license at Department of Land Transport. To apply driving license, you need the following documents.

  1. 2 Sets of Passport Copies ( Main Page + Visa Stamp Page )
  2. Recommendation letter from Embassy
  3. Original Driving License from your home country
  4. Medical Certificate (You can take at any clinic)
  5. 205 baht

If you have required documents , you can directly apply driving license at Department of Land Transport. When you enter the Department of Land Transport area, you will see many buildings and go ahead to Building Number (4).

When you arrive to Building 4, you have to submit the documents to officer and the officer will make appointment for you to test vehicle knowledge, basic vehicle laws and eye test.

The officer will make appointment between 14 days and 25 days after the date of your documents submission. You can freely pick the date and time for exam date.

When you go to Department of Land Transport, make sure to take original driving license from your home country. Because the officer will check again your information.

The officer will only test eye test, traffic light color ( Red, Green and Blue ), pedal test ( Acceleration + Brake ). After the exam finished, you can withdraw your driving license at office.

Congratulation , now you got driving license in Thailand.


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