There are different types of mobile sim in Thailand and today I will share you how to buy decent mobile sim card for foreigners.

When you arrive to Thailand, you can buy and register sim card in the airport. But you should know that sim card selling in airport are expensive and limited. Because these cards are travel sim card and you can only use 30 days. So you should avoid travel sim card if you plan to stay long term in Thailand.

So I recommend you to buy at outside of airport. Normally, telecom retail shops are open at almost every shopping mall.

There are top three mobile operators in Thailand.

  1. AIS
  2. DTAC
  3. TrueMove

All of these operators support 5G, 4G, and 3G. All of these operators are good internet connection and offer fair price packages.

If you are foreigner and long term staying in Thailand, I recommend 1 year package, start the price from 1200 baht to 3500 baht per year.

1200 baht per year package is still enough according to my experience if you don’t need 5G. 5G plan is a bit more expensive than 4G plan.

Whatever you buy 1200 baht, 2400baht or 3500 baht, internet is unlimited. If you buy 2400 baht per year package, you can use 30GB per month internet traffic but if you use more than 30GB data, the internet is still unlimited with reduce speed ( maybe 10 Mbps to 30Mbps). That’s enough for personal use.

Mobile internet speed is very fast in Thailand and internet package are so cheap. If you buy one year package, no need to pay the sim card fees and it is totally free. And no need to pay one year package price at once and you only need to pay every month until one year package complete. That is a great offer for you.

So now you know that travel sim vs normal sim in Thailand and you can choose wisely the sim to fit your need.


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