1Password is providing a live demo of how passkeys work, as well as a video demonstration for those who do not use the service, in addition to a directory listing of websites, apps, and services that are using passkeys for authentication. 1Password’s browser extension and desktop apps will fully support passkeys early in 2023, with mobile support to follow.

“Early 2023,” 1Password has announced that passkey support will be available to its customers, allowing users to securely log in to apps and websites without a password.

1Password’s entire support for passwordless passkeys appears bizarre for a password management company, but Dashlane integrated passkeys into their service earlier this year.

Phishing attacks are less prone to steal or inadvertantly hand over passwords since there are none to steal or hand over.

When Universal Sign On is released next year, 1Password says it will be better than other methods because it will enable cross-platform syncing across platforms. Apple’s passkey system, for example, only allows seamless synchronization across devices in the same ecosystem.

The Chrome extension for 1Password users can see a live example of how passkeys work, as well as a video demonstration and a list of web sites, applications, and services that use passkeys for authentication.

Passkeys will be fully supported by the extension and desktop applications in early 2023, with mobile support to follow.


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