TikTok opened up another way for content creators to make money from their posts on the social media platform.

A new offering from TikTok, referred to as “Series”, will enable certain content makers to share videos that will be accessible for a fee. Each “Series” can have up to 80 videos that can reach a maximum length of 20 minutes. Creators can set prices for their paywalled content between $0.99 and $189.99, according to a spokesperson for the app.

TikTok had only allowed its users to post clips of 15 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes and 10 minutes in duration.

The introduction of this new feature is sure to further intensify the rivalry with platforms like YouTube, which has become famous for its longer videos. Nevertheless, competition between these two is not something novel.

In August 2021, YouTube provided Shorts as a direct rival to TikTok, and other companies such as Meta and Snap also created their own short-form video services to counter the success of TikTok in the United States.

In an announcement, TikTok declared that the Series feature is currently just accessible to a few content makers. The firm intends to open up the option to other applicants in the upcoming months.


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