Firstly, we would like to inform you about humidifiers before we discuss Mi Smart Humidifier.

What is a humidifier?

Using a humidifier can prevent dry air from irritating several parts of the body, such as dry skin, dry mouth, and dry lips. A humidifier can help alleviate dry skin, nasal coughing, dry mouth, and dry lips that are common with the flu or a regular cold.

Using the right humidifier device can help you maintain the right room humidity level.

In this post, we will continue our review of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier.

When the weather changed drastically in Bangkok on Oct 16, 2022 and the weather became cold like winter, we all suffered from nose irritation, headaches, and cracked lips. One of our members suffered a bloody nose as a result.

We are based in a condo (The ShortCut.Me’s workplace) on the 13th floor of Bangkok, and we are experiencing dry air in our workspace as a result of weather changes. We think that everyone living in tall tower structures might be affected by this weather.

We tried to fix this issue because we were unable to work properly. Therefore, we purchased a Xiaomi Mi humidifier device to maintain room humidity.

We purchased a Xiaomi humidifier with a 4.5-liter water tank. There are several Xiaomi humidifiers with China versions and different water tank sizes.

Here are the highlight of Xiaomi Mi smart antibacterial humidifier

  • Four mode ( Slow, Moderate, High and Auto )
  • 4.5 Liter water tank
  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • Wifi Support ( connect with Mi Home App )

Understanding Mode

Using the Mi Home app, you can switch between manual and automatic operation. We prefer to use the humidifier as a device controlled by the Mi Home app. Using the Mi Home app, you can adjust the humidity level and the humidifier will maintain the room’s humidity level automatically.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier Review – TheShortCut.Me

Understanding About Ultrasonic

You must use purified or mineral water with Mi smart humidifier because the device uses ultrasound to split up water and destroy bacteria. Avoid using distilled water.

Using perfume or essential oil with an ultrasonic humidifier tank can result in it breaking.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier Review
Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier Review – TheShortCut.Me

Choose a normal humidifier rather than an ultrasonic humidifier if you want to humidify the air using unpurified water or perfume/essential oil.

The violet blue color light is ultrasonic that split water and kill the bacteria – TheShortCut.Me


Mi smart humidifier only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and cannot connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Mi smart humidifier is enough for a normal-sized room and can run for around eight to ten hours using 4.5L of water. However, if your office is a large hall, you might have to choose a large humidifier device.

Our health issues were solved after installing the humidifier device in our workspace, and we no longer experienced bloody noses, dry air-induced headaches, or cracked lips.


Humidifier devices should not be installed in rooms or workplaces unless the humidity has been tested. Before installing a humidifier device, you should first test the humidity level of your room or workspace.

If the humidity level is under 40%, installing a humidifier device is a wise decision.

It is not necessary to install a humidifier device if the room humidity level is about 60% or higher. If the room humidity level is set to 60% or higher, it may be harmful to your health.


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